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Group Litigation

Group Litigation Explained

Group Litigation is the term used to describe what are called Class Action or Collective Redress Actions in other legal jurisdictions.

Group actions are becoming far more regularly used in Ghana as they are a way for individuals with similar complaints to join together against the wrongdoer and avoid pitfalls that can be associated with individuals having to make their own separate claim each time. In short they offer strength in numbers and a saving on legal costs.

Entering into litigation can be a daunting experience for individuals and in the past people who have had perfectly valid complaints have been put off going to the courts because of the risk of litigating against a Defendant who are often very large and well resourced. This is where group litigation redresses the balance. You become a strong well resourced one too. David matches Goliath.

By joining together as a group, individuals can benefit from collective strength in the commonality and sharing of knowledge, and the sharing of the risks and costs. These benefits are invaluable and allow access to justice when otherwise individuals might be denied it.

We like working with groups and even if your case does not meet the technical requirement laid down for a formal group action we can treat you like a group to deliver similar benefits.

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